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Why you should choose Tom Handley on Nov. 6

Tom played a pivotal role in the "Judge Dread" controversy.

Fresh out of Hamline University School of Law at Martin Luther King's church in Montgomery, AL.

Meet Tom

My name is Tom Handley I’m running for Ramsey County District Court Judge. My extensive experience as a lawyer has prepared me for this challenge and  I have the balance and work ethic to immediately step in and do the job.

I have no sponsors or benefactors; I am not asking for or accepting any financial donations from any source. As a result, I can render decisions without fear or favor.

For the past twenty eight years, with 20 years working in the Ramsey County Public Defender’s Office, I have represented people from all walks of life; that have no money, no voice and I have fought for them without regard to their race, gender, ethnicity or social status. I have fought for them the same way I will fight for you and the rule of law as a Judge in this community.

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2nd District Court Judge 2


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Help make the case that Tom Handley is right for the job and elected as Judge for the 2nd Judicial District.

“For your strong commitment and dedicated work to the Public Defenders Office, your compassion for others and your kindness towards all”

– William E. Falvey, Award Recipient

Awarded by the Ramsey County Public Defender's Office, 2015

-Phoenix Award

Award "In recognition of his tenacity and commitment" as a criminal defense counsel.


Extensive trial experience is vital for a Judge. Tom Handley has: 90 jury trials, 65 trials in Ramsey Co. District Court, and 2 appeals with oral arguments to the MN Court of Appeals.
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90 Jury Trials